EA and NEUNN Reached Strategic Partnership Agreement

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On March 19th, Shenyang Explorer Accelerator Technology Co., Ltd. (“EA”) and  NEUNN reached strategic partnership, we will provide big data service to technical enterprise.

Big Data, as an important basis for business planning, technology development, product development, market development, is an important foundation for the development of enterprises , EA and NEUNN will provide data services for diversified technology start-ups, increasing enterprise operation efficiency and saving cost.

Invested by Northeastern University and  Shenyang Municipal Government and  relying on Northeastern University leading research and development ability, NEUNN is the most practical data and infrastructure service provider, serves for the government and enterprise users, its business scope covers cloud computing, super computing, mobile internet, spatial information and other fields. NEUNN is the advocator and practitioner of smart living  in the era of cloud computing and data

As the Global Accelerator Network (GAN) member, Shenyang Explore Accelerator Technology Co. Ltd., is a combination of  international resources, cloud,  AI, helps high-tech venture enterprises achieve rapid development. EA’s purpose is to create an innovation ecosystem, to enhance the value of the enterprise, and improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in the market segments.