Accelerators Brief— Global Start-ups trend

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On March 7, managing director Ms. Zhou attended GAN global accelerator trend discussion meeting, in the meeting, participants discussed the tendency of the start-ups in accelerator.

   1. More Female entrepreneur emerged

   2. Minority actively join start-up events

   3. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Logistics, AR/VR, Education, Retail,

       Healthcare Startups are the major focus for accelerators.

   4. After accepted and trained by accelerators, Start-ups have stronger financing

      ability and their valuation tend to increase

   5. Diversified financing channel, but equity stake is till the main stream, and

       investment amount increases year by year. 

These phenomenons indicate that founders of startups are pluralistic,  types and directions are diversified, investment tools are multiplexed. Also, it proves that innovation encourages creative ability, and bring more and more power to business development and technology improvement.