Beginning of 2018

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Chinese New Year 2018

Feb 20, 2018, 5 day of first month of the lunar year

Enjoying the fruitful Saint Emilion wine, comparing traditional northeastern food, listening to the sound of firework, I felt the quietness and peace at this moment.

In 2017, we experienced confusion, anger and disappointment, but in 2018—the Chinese New Year, an ingenuousness and interesting article help me recall my original intention to build explorer accelerator, and why we call it explorer. We try to explore a new way which will help venture entrepreneurs growth steadily and efficiently. We face the failure, we put ourselves into the real life, we change ourselves, we improve ourselves and we complete ourselves. We accept diversity and different cultures, we hear different voices, and we become stronger.

Resilience, nobody can predict success or failure, it could be just happen in a second, but only resilience can leave us a spiritual wealthy, a memory only belonging to ourselves.

Comprehension, when a new thing emerge, it will face lots of challenge and judgement, but just because of these voices, we know people have different opinions on the same thing, they misunderstand, they are puzzled, in times of times explanation and introduction, we continue to improve our theory and products and prove that their critique is the best to way make us grow.

China, such a miracle, probably there is no place like here, 1.3 billion people like ware wave moving quickly, from south to north, ambitious young people ready to accept challenge, “ 2018, roll up sleeves to work harder.

5 day of the first month of lunar year,2018, an elder family member said, child, be ambitious.